The average individual expels between 4-7 liters of sweat per day, with that number jumping to around 10 liters if he or she is living an active lifestyle. When we sweat, we lose water as well as important electrolytes required for healthy body function like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Electrolytes are critical in helping muscles reach their full potential, including enabling better communication with the body, maintaining osmotic regulation, and facilitating key enzymatic reactions; this becomes even more important during physical activity, when crucial nutrients and natural energy stores are further exploited. Replenishing electrolytes during exercise allows muscles and other vital organs to experience improved overall function.

To maximize workout results and help the body perform optimally, Zija has formulated Ripstix Fuel. This electrolyte-packed drink mix responds quickly and effectively to the rigors of all levels of training, from light to intense. Ripstix Fuel utilizes natural ingredients that increase blood flow and provide the monosaccharides that cells recognize the fastest and absorb the quickest—namely glucose for muscles and the brain, and ribose for the heart. It’s also colored naturally with beet juice powder, beet root powder, and elderberries.

Use Ripstix Fuel during workouts to satisfy your thirst, replenish your body naturally, and keep you at your peak!


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